Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

Hotel Scoring International HSI is a hotel performance rating company founded in 2012.

What is the purpose of HSI?

HSI is a method of evaluating the provision and quality of hotel facilities and services, which gives the establishment a score indicative of its level. HSI is used for commercial, financial, analytical and statistical purposes.

What advantages does HSI certification offer?

HSI certification is the only global objective identifier of hotel quality. Its possession is an international recognition of the integration of improvement processes and excellence of the establishment regardless of its category. HSI certified establishments determine the HSI AVERAGE of the municipality or region where they are located.

HSI is commonly used in the financial and commercial sphere to determine the quality of the establishment.

HSI is used commercially on a recurring basis by the operator for advertising and rate-setting purposes.

Operators use HSI in the processes of competitor analysis, investment planning and implementation of operational improvement processes.

How long does the certification process take?

The certification process has 2 parts:

Part 1: SELF-ASSESSMENT process which can take between 5 and 12 hours to complete, depending on access to information.   You will see this score or SCORING immediately in percentage format, and you will also be able to see the percentage detail achieved by category or group.  This result is merely informative, it cannot be used for commercial purposes, as it has not been verified by the HSI team. This will require OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION.


Part 2: Once you have completed the self-assessment process, you may, if you wish, request your OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE by using the “REQUEST OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE” option found in the “Phase 3” section or by sending an email to certificacionoficial@hotelscoring.com. A member of the team will contact you to assist you.

The OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE will allow you to obtain a SCORING certified by the HSI team and to be used for commercial purposes.  In this process HSI auditors will review the data entered and will process the delivery of the corresponding “kit” which will be composed of:

HSI certificate.

Certification report.

Identification badge.

This verification process includes remote and on-site verification of some HSI issues and will have a maximum execution time of 120 days.

Can I do a test, before starting the process?

HSI has designed a small DEMO that will allow you to get to know and evaluate the experience of the SELF-ASSESSMENT.  Through this test, composed of a small subset of HSI questions, you will be able to familiarize yourself with and learn how the process works, as well as verify its level of quality and thoroughness.  This DEMO can be taken as many times as you wish and has no associated cost.

Can I correct my errors?

The self-assessment system allows you to move back and forth as many times as you want to make corrections within the same category or group of questions.  The last question in each group will display a warning indicating that it is the last question in that group and that you will not be able to go back once you have answered it.

Can I distort my answers at my convenience?

No; although if it does, the auditor during the review process may penalize the result. The answers entered in the self-assessment process are thoroughly verified.

Can I know the value of each answer during the process?

No, the value or percentage weight of the answers is not accessible by the user. The auditor will send you a report proposing the improvement processes with the greatest effect on the result whose implementation will improve the result obtained in future certifications.

How to interpret the result obtained?

You will get a percentage value for each category or group and an overall value for all issues. In both cases the percentage value reflects your performance value with respect to the highest possible value.

What does the provisional SCORING from the SELF-ASSESSMENT allow?

The provisional SCORING or result of the SELF-ASSESSMENT will allow you in general two things, on the one hand, to acquire a clear and real reference of your performance quality by identifying opportunities for improvement through access to the evaluated HSI issues and, on the other hand, to subsequently access an OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION, validated by a team of experts, which you will be able to use for commercial purposes.

Additionally, you will be part of the HSI elite and will have a corresponding identification badge, as well as a report issued by HSI specialists with proposed improvement factors.

What is the difference between temporary SCORING and OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION?

The first one is used for purely informative and self-assessment purposes, and the second one is an official certification issued by a team of specialists that you can use for commercial purposes.


Once you have completed the self-assessment process, you can request your OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE through the “REQUEST OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE” option found in the “Phase 3” section or by sending an email to certificacionoficial@hotelscoring.com. A member of the team will contact you to assist you.

Can HSI perform an on-site verification of the facility?

Yes, in the process of processing you accept the possibility of an HSI auditor to make use of the establishment for a maximum of 3 nights in order to check the data entered by the user. The cost of the accommodation and services consumed is assumed by the establishment. The auditor will contact the establishment to agree on the days of verification and the scope.

What is the audit or validation procedure for OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION?

The HSI team of experts will request the required documentation for validation of some issues and for others they will make an on-site visit, the associated costs of which will be assumed by the establishment.  This process will have a maximum duration of 120 days.

What do I get when I acquire the OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION?

You will obtain the following:

  • Identification mark with SCORING obtained, or plaque.
  • Proposal of improvement factors.
  • Accreditation as a member of the HSI elite.

The SELF-ASSESSMENT is FREE, the OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION has a variable cost depending on the characteristics of the hotel establishment, when requesting the OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION a member of the team will contact you to send you the economic offer adapted to your establishment(s). The auditor’s subsistence allowance and accommodation for a period of 2 nights are always at the client’s expense.

How long is the HSI OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION valid for?

The validity period is 5 years from the date of certification.

How many times can I be certified?

You can be certified as many times as you need, depending on the improvements or changes introduced in the establishment or in its management. The valid certificate is the last one to be granted.

Are there periodic variations in the methodology?

Yes, every 2 years, depending on legal changes, new technologies and the evolution of the characteristics of the international hotel market, updates, improvements and adjustments are made to the methodology.

Can I request an additional plate?

Yes, you can order an additional plate by contacting HSI or through the e-commerce accessible from your HSI web user session.

How can I improve my SCORING?

The audit report accompanying the certification proposes to the user/operator the main improvement processes that will enable the operator to improve its SCORING.

Is there an equivalence between the SCORING HSI and the ordinary star rating?

No, the SCORING or HSI score is independent of the star rating.

What is the auditor's function?

The auditor is a qualified and independent professional, supervised by an HSI technical committee, whose role is to verify the correctness of the information provided by the user in the self-assessment process. The auditor and the technical committee can modify, weight and/or penalize the parameters entered by the user.

Can I contact my auditor?

Yes, you can contact the auditor and leave your comments and clarifications through the dialog boxes that are available at the end of each form during the SELF-ASSESSMENT process.

Likewise, once the OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION has been requested, you will have a direct communication channel with an HSI specialist.

Can I appeal the result obtained?

Yes, if you consider that the certification result obtained contains errors, you can make a well-founded claim. The technical committee will review the self-assessment process by appointing another auditor in order to guarantee the independence of the final result..


HSA is a tourism excellence label awarded to municipalities whose hotel facilities have been certified by HSI.

The HSA is the average SCORING of the certified hotels in the municipality. It determines the performance quality of hotels in a municipality/region.

What are the HOTELSCORING advisers?

They are professionals with specific training, accredited by HSI to advise establishments in the process of SELF-ASSESSMENT and CERTIFICATION.

What are the HOTELSCORING auditors?

They are the professionals responsible for the audit, verification and awarding process of the HSI CERTIFICATE.