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Process details

Official certification must be requested or acquired no later than 30 days from the completion of the SELF-ASSESSMENT.

The OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION process begins with the completed SELF-ASSESSMENT form and ends with the official accreditation that gives you your final score.  The official certification includes:

  • Official certification.
  • Certification report (DUE DILLIGENCE) and proposal of improvement factors.
  • HSI identification mark and plaque with its scoring.
  • License to use the HSI brand seal.

An HSI COMMITTEE OF EXPERTS will review and validate the answers provided in the form, for which they will contact you for a telephone interview and request the necessary documentation (the same suggested in the SELF-ASSESSMENT process).

Likewise, during the certification period, an on-site verification process may be carried out at the establishment by specialized auditors.

HSI will accredit the establishment with the corresponding HOTEL SCORING CERTIFICATE.

HSI reserves the right to grant the HOTEL SCORING CERTIFICATE.

The HOTEL SCORING CERTIFICATE may not coincide with the result obtained by SELF-ASSESSMENT, as it depends on the verifications and controls carried out by the expert auditors.

The HSI CERTIFICATE is valid for 5 years.

Note: The inspector may request on-site inspection for which the establishment will provide accommodation for a period of 2 nights.

I want to request certification for my hotel

I have successfully completed the full self-assessment questionnaire and want to apply for certification for my hotel. These are the data with which I registered my company:

Process details:

The self-assessment process consists of over 400 questions divided into 12 groups:

GRUPO 1: Surroundings
GROUP 2: The property

– GROUP 2.1: Common areas.

        • GROUP 2.1.1: Common areas indoors.
        • GROUP 2.1.2: Common areas Outdoor.

          – GROUP 2.2: Rooms.

– GRUPO 2.3: Construction and architectural configuration.

GROUP 3: Services

– GROUP 3.1: Restauration.

– GROUP 3.2: Leisure

– GROUP 3.3: General Services.

GROUP 4: Management

– GROUP 4.1: Commercial management

– GROUP 4.2: Work environment

– GROUP 4.3: Quality and Control.

    The user is obliged to answer each of the questions posed in a truthful, rigorous and documented manner. At the end of the process you will obtain your SCORING or PROVISIONAL objective rating of the hotel

      You will have access to the SELF-ASSESSMENT forms, once acquired, you will have a maximum period of 15 days to complete the form. During this period you will be able to interrupt the process and resume it from where you left off as many times as you wish.

        The SCORING obtained is a result:

        • Provisional.
        • Informative.
        • Self-assessment

          For the commercial and/or commercial use of your SCORING, it is mandatory to obtain the HSI OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION which will allow you to make free use of the SCORING obtained (see conditions of use).

            The official HSI certification requires an audit process performed by HSI professionals, which will allow you to use and disseminate it for commercial, strategic or financial purposes.

              The SELF-ASSESSMENT allows you to know the performance limits of your facility.